Summer 2018


The letter above was recently sent to every superintendent in Bee, Goliad, and Live Oak County. It is the first step in implementing our new Safe School Program. 


Click on the brochure below.  It will give you a lot of info about Coastal Bend Crime Stoppers' Safe School Program.


*(Please note that we no longer take texted tips unless they come through P3 Tips, which is a program you will need to download from Apple store or Google Play Store) 

             Good News Students!!! 

We are working with your schools to implement a School Safety program.  We will talk to your administrators soon about how we can help you feel safer in your school.  It will require your help because you know more about what is going on in your school than anyone else! Your safety is our primary concern.  You can call our number at any time  (362-0206 or use the mobile app: P3Tips) and we will get your information to right people in your school.  We never ask for your name!   

 All you have to do to give an anonymous tip is click on the "give a tip" button on this site or call 362-0602 , no caller ID or method of Identification is revealed at this number, it is secure. Or you can make a tip using our mobile app: P3 Tips!  How do you collect a reward?? You will be given instructions and a code number when you call, text, or make a tip on this site.  If it is a good tip (and we have to determine this with law enforcement and sometimes it takes time to investigate) instructions will be given to help you collect your money. Remember the code number you will be given. This will be the only identification you will have to claim the reward .