2020 seniors continue to check this website for information about the scholarship application and the deadline to apply.  Coastal Bend Crime Stoppers offers three scholarships, one to a senior in each of our three counties (Bee, Goliad, and Live Oak) plus a fourth in the memory of the late Sheriff Carlos Carrizales, Jr. sponsored by the Bee County Sheriff Office and family of the late sheriff (Bee County senior requirement)

Four scholarships, each for $1000 ($500 a semester) to a senior going into law enforcement or a related field or is the son/daughter or grandchild of an active/retired Texas Commissioned Peace officer. 

Read below for more info!



CBCS Scholarships Recipients 2019:  After you have registered for the Spring semester, please email us at coastalbendcs@gmail.com with proof of your registration for the Spring semester along with your student ID number and the school address to whom the funds are to be mailed.  Good luck in your Spring Semester! 


Bee County:  Stephanie Del Bosque (Criminal Justice) AC Jones HS (Sheriff's Scholarship in memory of Sheriff Carlos Carrizales)

                                             Makayla Aquirrre (daughter of peace officer)  AC Jones HS

Goliad County:  Adianna San Miguel (daughter of peace officer) Goliad HS

Live Oak County:  Kevin Harmon (Criminal Justice)  George West HS

Congratulations to each of you!

Payment of Award: 

1. One half of the scholarship ($500) will be awarded in the fall and one half ($500) will be awarded in the spring.  Payments will be made directly to the school. 

2. The student needs to email (coastalbendcs@gmail.com) his/her school ID number, name of the university/college along with its scholarship office contact information to coastalbendcs@gmail.com.   We will send the scholarship funds.  If you have any questions, please call Cathey Brown at 361 319-1564.






Changes for CBCS Scholarship 2019 (Updated 2/7/2019)

CBCS will offer four  (4) scholarships in 2019

Each for $1,000 ($500 a semester) with the same qualifications and application.


Three $1,000  (new amount) scholarships are offered to students in Bee, Goliad, and Live Oak Counties (new - one per county).  However, if a no student in a county qualifies, that scholarship will be given to a qualifying student in another county.

One $1,000 scholarship is offered a Bee County senior via CBCS for the Bee Co. Sheriff's Office in memory of Sheriff Carlos Carrizales, Jr. If there is no qualifying Bee County applicant the scholarship will not be awarded. 

The scholarships are offered to a graduate from Bee, Goliad, and Live Oak who: 

plans to major in a law enforcement field 


is the son/daughter or grandchild of a Texas Commissioned Peace Officer  (Active or Retired)


Coastal Bend Crime Stoppers (CBCS) will offer three (3) $1,000 scholarship ($500) per semester) to a senior in Bee, Goliad, and Live Oak County who plans to major in a law enforcement field OR is a son/daughter or grandchild to a Texas Commissioned Peace Officer, and qualifies for the scholarship.  

A fourth scholarship for $1,000) ($500 a semester) will be offered through CBCS by the Bee County Sheriff's Office in the memory of Sheriff Carlos Carrizales, Jr. to a Bee County senior who plans to major in a law enforcement field OR is a son/daughter or grandchild of a Texas Commissioned Peace Officer, and qualifies for the scholarship. 


     Mail your completed application to:   

Coastal Bend Crime Stoppers, Inc.

210 E. Corpus Christi St.

Beeville, TX 78102

It must be postmarked by Watch for the due date in Spring 2020!      


An application and instructions are available to download and copy below:

Note: It is okay to fill the application in by hand.  Please make sure we can read your writing thanks!






  If there are any questions, please call Cathey Brown at 361 319-1564, or email coastalbendcs@gmail.com



CBCS Scholarship 2019