2024 Seniors:
Applications must be received by Friday April 19, 2024. They can be mailed or hand delivered to to Coastal Bend Crime Stoppers 210 E Corpus Christi St. Beeville, TX 78102 or emailed to coastalbendcs@gmail.com 
The winners of the 2024 $3,000 Scholarships will be approved at the May 2nd board meeting of CBCS.  


Application and Instructions available to download at the bottom of this page.


1. One half of the scholarship ($1,500) will be awarded in the fall and one half ($1,500) will be awarded in the spring.  Payments will be made directly to the school. 

2. The student needs to email (coastalbendcs@gmail.com) his/her school ID number, name of the university/college along with its scholarship office contact information to coastalbendcs@gmail.com.   We will send the scholarship funds.  If you have any questions, please call Cathey Brown at 361 319-1564.


 Mail or deliver your completed application to:

Coastal Bend Crime Stoppers, Inc.

210 E. Corpus Christi St.

Beeville, TX 78102

or email to coastalbendcs@gmail.com



Note: It is okay to fill the application in by hand.  Please make sure we can read your writing, thanks!


Below is a flyer about the 2024 Scholarships



                         If you have a question, please call/text Cathey Brown at 361 319-1564, or email coastalbendcs@gmail.com